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03.19.2K¹ - New PS2 Screen Shots!
Preview screen shots of ESPN MLS Extra Time

03.18.2K¹ - Now hiring Contact Matt for more information.

01.01.2K¹ - News here! Short summary will follow.  Maybe with a picture or two.

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01.01.2K¹ - News here! Short summary will follow.  Of course pictures of artists, etc.

- News here! Short summary will follow.  Of course pictures of artists, etc.

01.01.2K¹ - News here! Short summary will follow.  Of course pictures of artists, etc.

01.01.2K¹ - News here! Short summary will follow.  Of course pictures of artists, etc.

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    > Top 10 Albums·

1.) Everyday - Dave Matthews Band
2.) Just Push Play - Aerosmith
3.) Hot Shot - Shaggy
4.) Scorpion - Eve
5.) DJ Clue? The Professional 2 - DJ Clue
6.) No Angel - Dido
7.) The Beatles - The Beatles
8.) Greatest Hits - Lenny Kravitz
9.) Mista Don't Play Everythangs Workin - Project Pat
10.) Rule 3:36 - Ja Rule

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Top 10 Songs of the Week
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1.) Butterfly - Crazy Town
2.) Angel - Shaggy featuring Rayvon
3.) Stutter - Joe featuring Mystikal
4.) Again - Lenny Kravitz
5.) Love Doesn't Cost A Thing - Jennifer Lopez
6.) All For You - Janet Jackson
7.) It's Over Now - 112
8.) Put It On Me - Ja Rule Featuring Lil' Mo & Vita
9.) Don't Tell Me - Madonna
10.) Promise - Jagged Edge

[an error occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while processing this directive] Top 10 Movies of the Week
    > Top 10 Movies·

1.) Exit Wounds
2.) Enemy At The Gates
3.) The Mexican
4.) See Spot Run
5.) 15 Minutes
6.) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
7.) Down To Earth
8.) Hannibal
9.) Traffic
10.) Chocolat

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03.19.2K¹ - Reaching 1000 members!
The Gamers Edge forums have almost 1000members signed up and posting. If you haven't signed up for the fun, do so now!


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03.16.2K¹ -------
Well we're back again. This time with alot more gaming stuff for all of you fans. The new Gamers Edge will feature hardware reviews, broadband, gaming, and much more!

Contact Matt (webmaster) with any questions comments or threats.


Thursday, March 29, 2001        
Tribes 2 Released! Posted by cLiPPy @ 6:54 PM
The first copies of Tribes 2 will arrive in select North American retail locations beginning today. The game will be available in the UK and in other parts of the world beginning April 1st. Please contact your local software retailer for availability.

Tribes 2 is also available direct from Sierra at

Wednesday, March 28, 2001        
On the road again.... Posted by Mumpower @ 6:43 PM
Well thats right, the site's servers are once AGAIN moving. Because of major power outages in CA most site's have to take some down time to either relocate or solve the power problem. Thus is the case with this site. We should be back up before May. Question comments or threats just let me know.

Sunday, March 25, 2001        
Old League, Makes A Come Back Posted by AnGrYViPeR @ 2:52 PM
When Rogue Spear first came out, there were no leagues, but then one league emerged, called, Xtreme League 2000. They were the most successful league there was, but due to server problems they shut down. Over the weekend Xtreme League 2000 made a come back. They have reopened and are serving gamers needs. It is a league, were in order to be the best, you must beat the best.

Check it out for yourself Xtreme League 2000

Saturday, March 24, 2001        
Milking My Bandwith Posted by Absolut @ 11:44 AM
I have decided to use my bandwith to the most. I have joined Napster under the user name Gamers-Edge. I will be taking requests on what to download in the Mp3 message board. I will be downloading than allowing the requester to download off my server quickly and easily. So go to the message board and leave a post.

Soldier of Fortune Coming To Dreamcast Posted by AnGrYViPeR @ 9:52 AM
For all of you that loved Soldier of Fortune for the PC, well now Crave Entertainment will be releasing this hit for the Dreamcast system. Expected release is May 3, 2001.

::New E-mail:: Posted by Absolut @ 9:48 AM
I have recently changed my e-mail to <-------please send all e-mails here.

Friday, March 23, 2001        
Good News for Dreamcast Owners Posted by Platinum @ 5:15 PM
All you dremcast owners you thought NBA2K1 and NFL2K1 was going to be last nba game and nfl game for dreamcast. Your wrong, NBA2K2 and NFL2K2 expect to be out sometime this year or early next year.

Thursday, March 22, 2001        
Video Game Tax to Compensate Sexual Assault Victims Proposed Posted by Platinum @ 8:53 PM
The Associated Press is reporting that New Hampshire might tax video games and movies to help compensate victims of sexual assault. The proposal is being considered in the state legislature. Supporters claim that the tax is fitting because some video games and movies feature sexual violence or depict woman as objects of sexual gratification. The bill would tax film and game rentals 5 cents each, and full video games one-dollar each. One video storeowner said taxing all games and videos is unfair and could force smaller businesses to close.

::Temporary Support:: Posted by Absolut @ 5:13 PM
If you need some support with any game or this website, please leave it in the Suggestions/Support Post that I have set up... Thx for your patience while we make GE more user friendly.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001        
Win a copy of Tribes 2 Posted by cLiPPy @ 8:24 PM is hosting a Tribes 2 contest that will award 32 lucky gamers a copy of Tribes 2 and the opportunity to battle against four of the IGN editors (including Tal Blevins and Steve Butts of IGNPC fame). The contest is open now and the tourney itself will kick off on April 24, check out for more info.

Low Budget? Posted by Absolut @ 5:48 PM
Want to buy an mp3 player, or used car, or even buy some collectibles.... For those of you that have never tried ebay, it is a great source for buying things. I recently purchased a used mp3 player from someone and it works great.

Wanna Become an Affiliate.? Posted by Absolut @ 2:18 PM
When you become an affiliate we will put your website link on the right hand column. When we do this we expect you to link your site to ours. If you are intrested in this please e-mail Matt@

Game Boy Advanced.... Posted by Absolut @ 2:15 PM
Recently in Japan Game Boy Advanced was released. This new pocket system will have a feature that no other has had. The screen will come larger than normal, and at the simple flick of a button you can choose how big you want the screen to be. The two settings are stretched view, and normal view. Stretched view is when the game is displayed on the whole screen. Normal view is the size of the legacy gameboys. This gameboy is also very popular because of its small size. This system has been a big hit in Japan and is also expected to do good in the US. Look for this hot new pocket system to hit the shelfes sometime around June 11, 2001. MSRP: $99.99 Games will range in prices between $29.95 and $39.95.

Want the Quickest Available Help? Posted by Absolut @ 2:03 PM
Just sign up and join the 800 other members on the Gamers-Edge message board. Sign up today, and come ask and help people with gaming problems.

Hey I'm Back Posted by Absolut @ 8:53 AM
Hey it's me Mike Owen. I am very excited to help Matt and the other staff to bring GE to new heights. If you have any questions or any news plz e-mail me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001        
Dragon Ball Z mod for Q3 Posted by ViSiOSeL @ 7:54 PM
Today, while surfing the net I came across a mod for Q3. Its called Bid For Power. It is a Dragon Ball Z mod for Q3. It looks good, and is a must for any Dragon Ball Z fan out there. This mod hasn’t yet been completed but it’s on the way. It’s the BEST Dragon Ball Z game yet.

Here are some specs:

First-Person, and Third-Person View

FFA (Deathmatch), Last Man Standing--self explanatory, and Team Deathmatch, and Oozaru.

Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillan, Freeza (Trunks, and Cell are currently in development)

Each character will have their own traits. Example: Piccolo can regenerate energy.

If you would like to learn more about his mod. Go here



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